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July 2006

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Association of Diving Contractors International Aligns with OSHA

WASHINGTON -- Improving the health and safety of commercial divers is the fundamental goal of an Alliance formed today between the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADC).

"This Alliance gives us the opportunity to work with experts in the commercial diving industry," said OSHA Administrator John Henshaw. "Commercial divers, who operate often under extreme hazardous conditions, will benefit from this collaborative relationship that has one very important goal -- their safety and health."

Fred Aichele, ADC President echoed those sentiments, saying the Alliance reinforces a solid relationship the Association has enjoyed with OSHA. "The ADC is pleased to enter into an Alliance with OSHA," he said. "This agreement will continue and strengthen a relationship of many years of close cooperation between the two organizations; a relationship between government and industry that has proven effective in reducing accidents and fatalities in the commercial diving and underwater workplace."

The OSHA-ADC Alliance encourages both organizations to work together focusing on safer working conditions for commercial divers, particularly in the areas of increased barometric pressure and differential risks conditions. Progress will begin with the development of training courses and education programs on safety issues specific to commercial diving and underwater services. This includes sharing up-to-date commercial diving information such as hazard and workforce trends between OSHA and ADC. OSHA's Training Institute in Arlington Heights, IL, will be provided with educational and training support on issues specific to commercial diving.

OSHA and ADC will also work together to develop and update ADC's respiratory and circulatory safety and health presentations for use by the commercial diving and underwater industry, the users of commercial diving and underwater services, and OSHA. Those presentations will also be delivered during various speaking events, appearances, exhibits or other events in which OSHA and ADC participate.

Finally, both organizations will participate in forums, roundtable discussions and conferences on commercial diving safety and health issues to help raise safety awareness within the industry.

ADC is a non-profit organization serving as an industry forum to help improve safety, education, and communication throughout the commercial diving industry. Representing more than 600 companies that furnish underwater services or support underwater operations, ADC's membership includes business, educational and medical representatives from more than 30 other nations.

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