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July 2006

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Labor Department Awards $8.5 Million to Improve Remote Access to State Unemployment Systems
WASHINGTON—The U.S. Department of Labor today announced $8.5 million in grants to 12 states to provide employers and unemployed workers remote access to unemployment insurance services.
“These grants totaling $8.5 million will help achieve the President’s management agenda which calls for improved government performance, effectiveness and efficiency in the services we provide to the American people,” said Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao. “This $8.5 million in grant money will help the unemployment insurance system deliver better service to workers and employers using 21stcentury tools.”
Funds were awarded to state workforce agencies that submitted proposals to implement systems supporting Internet and telephone initial claims and Internet access for employer registration and tax and wage reporting. The grants, being awarded for the eighth year, are capped at $1 million for telephone initial claims systems and $500,000 for Internet systems.
“Using remote systems to serve customers improves performance and responsiveness, but also makes the unemployment insurance system a friendlier experience,” said Emily Stover DeRocco, assistant secretary of labor for employment and training. “When claimants and employers enter data directly, errors and duplication are reduced and services are expedited.”
The grant awards were based upon measurable improvements in quality, reduced costs to unemployed workers and employers, strategic design, system security, and technical merit.
A list of states receiving grants is attached. Four states received grants in two categories.
* * *
Unemployment Insurance Remote Systems Grants
Telephone Initial Claims
Taking Arkansas $1,000,000
District of Columbia $986,500
Puerto Rico $1,000,000
Internet Initial Claims
Taking Alabama $497,550
Alaska $499,887
Internet Employer Registration
District of Columbia $474,558
Idaho $112,430
Michigan $415,278
Minnesota $500,000
New Mexico $500,000
South Dakota $370,500
Internet Employer Tax and Wage Reporting
Louisiana $227,628
Michigan $499,342
Minnesota $500,000
New Hampshire $500,000
New Mexico $500,000

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