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July 2006

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DOL, HUD Award $13.5 Million in Grants, Cooperative Agreements and Technical Assistance to End Chronic Homelessness through Employment/Housing
WASHINGTON—The Departments of Labor (DOL) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced today the awarding of $13.5 million in federal grants, cooperative agreements, and technical assistance, to help fulfill the Administration’s goal of ending chronic homelessness among persons with disabilities.
“In keeping with the promise of President Bush’s New Freedom Initiative and his goal of ending chronic homelessness, today’s housing and employment awards will expand the government’s delivery and implementation of ‘customized employment’ strategies for chronically homeless people with disabilities, so that they may live, work and fully participate in their communities,” Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao said. “Our collaborative efforts with HUD will continue our strategy to help individuals with disabilities out of chronic homelessness.”
The awarding of the grants, agreements and technical assistance was originally announced October 1, at a White House meeting of the Interagency Council On Homelessness, whose duties are to plan and coordinate the Federal government’s activities and programs to assist homeless persons. Labor Secretary Chao becomes Vice Chair of the Council next year.
At that October 1 meeting, HUD Secretary Mel Martinez said, “Today we announce this nation’s first investment toward meeting this Administration’s goal of ending chronic homelessness in a decade. Mental illness, addiction or physical disability should not disqualify a person from access to a home, health care or other services necessary for them to share in the American dream.”
Today’s announcement comes during National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Secretary Chao selected “America Works Best When All Americans Work” as the official theme for October to “continue to bring focus and awareness to solutions that ensure the full inclusion of persons with disabilities into the 21st century workforce.”
The joint DOL and HUD initiative, which is designed to help people with disabilities who are chronically homeless achieve employment, permanent housing, and self-sufficiency, is being made available through a series of cooperative agreements by ODEP, in partnership with the department’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and its Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS). DOL has awarded five cooperative agreements at approximately $625,000 per award. This initiative also includes a technical assistance component to ensure lasting systemic change to the delivery of employment and training services under the Workforce Investment Act.
In support of this DOL effort, HUD will additionally supplement each cooperative agreement with approximately $1 million to $3 million per award, or up to $10 million in funding.
Grantees are:
? Worksystems Inc. of Portland, Oregon, which receives $625,000 a year from DOL for up to 5 years and the Housing Authority of Portland which receives $3 million in HUD funding;
? Boston Private Industry Council, which receives $622,912 a year for up to five years from DOL and Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership, which receives $1 million in HUD funding;
? Private Industry Council of San Francisco, Inc., which receives $624,823 for from DOL for up to five years, and San Francisco Department of Human Services, which receives $2.2 million in HUD funding;
? Indianapolis Private Industry Council, Inc., which receives $623,951 from DOL for up to five years and the City of Indianapolis, which receives $1 million in HUD funding; and
? Workforce Development Division of the Community Development Department of the City of Los Angeles, which receives $625,000 from DOL for up to five years and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, which receives $3 million in HUD funding.

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